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International women’s day movie night

07/03/2021 | 18:30

Once again we are joining forces with Mezipatra queer film festival and we are happy to invite you to another movie night, this time on the occasion of International women’s day. Save the date on Sunday, March 7th from 18:30. Even this time you will be able to chat with other viewers before and after the movie. 


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Belgium/France/2019 | 87 min | Language: French | Subtitles: English| Director: Laurent Micheli



The fading of life dreams unites a conservative father and his free-spirited daughter Lola in an effort to fulfill the last wishes of their beloved mother and wife. Will they be able to rebuild the relationship, or won’t the journey affect them at all? Embark on a journey of forgiveness in Laurent Micheli’s emotional road movie Lola. The emotional transformation of the main character in the film was convincingly portrayed by the beginning trans actress Mya Bollaers, who was nominated for a number of European film awards for her performance and won the significant Magritte Award for Best Actress.



18:30 Opening of the virtual movie theatre, you can already chat with other guests

19:00 Movie screening 

20:40 Interview with Laurent Micheli, director of the movie

20:55 After the movie chill & chat

21:30 Closing of the virtual movie theatre   


Only registered guests will receive a link and a password for the virtual movie night.




Event Details

Date: 07/03/2021

Start time: 18:30 CEST