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We’ll help you establish workplace equality for your LGBT employees

We view diversity as a fundamental principle that allows all people – regardless of individual differences – to fully develop their personal potential. The voluntary application of diversity – as per the European Charter on Diversity – means accepting, supporting, and further developing individuals’ talent.

As part of the Pride Business Forum, we have joined forces to create an initiative to support both employers in implementing LGBT diversity principles and employees in efforts to ensure their employers are delivering a fair approach to all: regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Our fostering of a public debate on LGBT diversity is aimed at overcoming persistent stereotypes and strengthening an approach that benefits both companies and employees.

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Pride Business Forum
Memorandum 2017+

To meet our goals, we adopted a memorandum in 2017 on the promotion of LGBT diversity and inclusion in the workplace, as well as the practical delivery of equality.


Positive corporate culture

Develop a corporate culture founded on mutual respect and open to all employees, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. We support a safe environment that enables the communication of open sexual orientation and gender identity to communicate.


Equal employee benefits for all

Promote and implement measures that enable all employees to enjoy the same benefits and reconcile their personal and professional lives, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.


Implementing fair regulations

Implement human resource management regulations that promote LGBTI diversity with an emphasis on fair recruitment and selection, career development, appraisal and remuneration, as well as personal and family circumstances.


Active communication of the LGBT topic

Actively communicate about LGBTI diversity and inclusion across a company/organization and encourage founding of LGBTI employee groups where possible.


Active promotion of the topic

Actively promote the introduction of LGBTI diversity among employers, participate in Prague Business Forum activities, and stimulate public discussion through regular employer meetings, annual conferences, and other channels to connect key parties.