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LGBT+ Friendly Employer 2024 awards

LGBT+ Friendly Employer award is a prestigious award that serves as recognition and motivation for employers in the Czech Republic who actively contribute to creating an inclusive work environment for LGBT+ employees. We carefully evaluate the strategic approach of companies to this issue and assess specific projects and tools focused on supporting LGBT+ individuals in the workplace.

The award also includes an assessment of how the top management of the company actively supports the inclusion of LGBT+ people. It is monitored whether effective strategies are implemented, whether specific steps are taken to achieve an inclusive work environment and whether this effort is communicated both internally and externally.

This award not only rewards and motivates companies that have successfully implemented measures to support LGBT+ employees but also serves as a model for other organizations that want to actively contribute to equality and inclusion in the workplace. We believe that an environment that respects and supports diversity not only creates better working conditions for individuals but also contributes to overall success and innovation in business.

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Pride Business Forum Hero 2024 awards

The Pride Business Forum Hero award acknowledges individuals and highlights the role of members of the top management of organizations/companies, members of employee resource groups, or employees in HR who actively advocate for equal conditions for LGBT+ employees in their organizations/companies, or work towards improving the status of LGBT+ people in society, all beyond their professional agenda.

This award represents special recognition for those individuals who excel in promoting equal opportunities for LGBT+ employees. It is focused on these heroes who dedicate their energy and commitment to creating an inclusive work environment for LGBT+ colleagues in their organizations, going above and beyond their professional duties.

The Pride Business Forum Hero award aims to emphasize the key role of these individuals in supporting equality and diversity in the workplace. This may include not only the implementation of specific measures and projects but also active leadership in dialogue and awareness for the rights of LGBT+ people, both within the organization and in society.

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