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Valentine's Movie Night: The Law of Love

14/02/2022 | 18:30

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a good movie! Join our online movie screening of the documentary The Law of Love which shows the background of efforts to promote the marriage equality in the Czech Republic. All proceeds will be donated to the Jsme fér initiative.

For batch registration and payment, please contact Sabina at [email protected].



Barbora Chalupová, co-director of the successful Caught in the Net, tracks activists from Jsme fér as they strive towards a ground-breaking decision that would make Czechia the first former Eastern bloc country to institute “marriage for all”. The film follows the society-wide debate, including Prague Pride, televised clashes and parliamentary discussions aimed at a crucial vote. Czechia likes to come across as a liberal, open country, where everyone at least tolerates everyone else, but a cursory glance below the surface shows a more complex, much less friendly, reality. A clash between the progressive and conservative parts of the populace is inevitable even here, and sometimes the proverbial “tolerance” doesn’t cross the boundaries of mere statements.



Date: 14. 2. 2022, 6:30PM – 9:15PM



18:30 Opening of the virtual movie theatre, you can already chat with other guests

19:00 Movie screening 

20:30 After the movie chill & chat 

20:45 Discussion with Czeslaw Walek and Adéla Horáková from Jsme fér


How to join?

  • Buy a ticket
  • After that you will receive an email with a link and a password to join the screening


The movie will be screened via Moje Kino Live in Czech with English subtitles

All proceeds will be donated to Jsme fér

Event Details

Date: 14/02/2022

Start time: 18:30 CEST

End time: 20:45 CEST