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Being LGBT+ in the Czech Republic 2022

This research report was produced by the National Institute of Mental Health in collaboration with Queer Geography. The aim of this study, entitled "Being LGBTQ+ in the Czech Republic 2022", was to map how gender and sexually diverse people live in the Czech Republic and what barriers they face in life because of their LGBTQ+ identity. The target group of this study was therefore people who, on the basis of their sexual or gender diversity, identified with one of the LGBTQ+ identities or accepted their inclusion in the broadly defined group of "LGBTQ+ people".

This study was intended to build on previous research by the Ombudsman, the results of which were published in 2018 in the report Being LGBT+ in the Czech Republic. This research aims to contribute to a possible comparison of results and to start a tradition of long-term monitoring of trends and developments in a number of areas related to the lives of sexually and gender diverse people in Czech society. However, the questionnaire has been designed to allow comparison of as many items as possible not only with the completed 2018 VOP study, but also with key international studies, in particular the study of the European Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA), whose research report A long way to go for LGBTI equality was published in 2019. Where relevant, the survey will therefore offer comparisons with data from these or other studies.

The creation of the questionnaire battery and the compilation of this research was preceded by the development and publication of the manual Standards and Recommendations for the Determination of Social Status, Discrimination and Violence against LGBT Persons (Pitoňák & Macháčková 2022), which was published by the National Institute of Mental Health 2022 This guide provides in-depth insight and rationale for the inclusion of all items included in this study. The manual also allows for easy use or adaptation of selected items in future surveys.

The full study can be found here and on the following websites:, and