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The Economic and Business Case for LGBT+ Inclusion in the Czech Republic

Open for Business partnered with Jsme Fér to produce an Economic Brief on the economic and business case for LGBT+ inclusion in the Czech Republic, with a specific focus on the freedom to marry. A number of companies in the Open For Business coalition publicly support the research and the freedom to marry in the Czech Republic.

The freedom to marry is a strong step toward a more open and LGBT+ inclusive society, which is good for business and economic growth. The Economic Brief by Open for Business outlines a handful of propositions describing how marriage equality can benefit businesses and the economy.

Evidence presented in this report shows that LGBT+ discrimination in the Czech Republic has real costs to the economy. These costs come from a number of angles and have been found to occur in economies around the world. In this report, Open for Business investigates the impact of unequal health outcomes, economic discrimination and missed revenue of same-sex weddings.

You can read this report by Open for Business here.