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Future of Work: how to attract LGBT+ talent? | Online Workshop

12/05/2021 | 17:00

From outreach to recruitment, through every facet of the career ladder, HR professionals must design and maintain an inclusive environment for LGBT+ employees. But how to do it in practice so your company attracts the best LGBT+ talent?


This session examines the best practices and available tools for recruitment and retention of LGBT+ talent. Participants will gain knowledge on existing practical tools such as special recruitment applications, checklists for recruiters, or specific training for HR professionals. If you are an HR professional looking for practical tips on how to attract new LGBT+ talent this is a session for you. 



WHEN: 12.5. 2021 5PM–6PM CET




Tracy Maraj, Chief People Officer, Mews

Jana Tikalová, founder of OPIM

Czeslaw Walek, Pride Business Forum manager




Financovaném z programu Evropské unie Práva, rovnost a občanství (2014 – 2020)

Event Details

Tracy Maraj

She is the Chief People Officer at Mews who’s mission is to develop innovative and transformational technology for millions of hospitality professionals and their guests. With 20+ years of experience in technology companies including Cisco, Netscape, Intel, Salesforce, Opsware just to name a few, she had been responsible for developing and aligning the people agenda with the business strategy to help to drive transformative change across the organizations with a focus on diversity and inclusion as a competitive business advantage. She has led a number of employee resources groups to support leadership teams to build a sense of community and belonging across the entire organisation driving impactful and measurable change across diversity, inclusion and equality. Having lived and worked in over 12 countries around the world and therefore has a keen interest in cultural and traditional beliefs and how those impact and influence diversity.



Jana Tikalová

She stands behind the whole story of OPIM, which she founded at the age of twenty-three. She has been dedicated to diversity and inclusion for over 20 years. It all started as she returned to a small Czech town after her stay in London. She has realized that someone must boldly and clearly start sending signals that it is right to give opportunities to everyone and to point out the benefits that diversity brings. She is an HR enthusiast promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace, finding potentials, and discovering opportunities for a company through HR life cycle. She stands behind the development of an HR tool Diversity Talent Pool aiming at employing diverse talents on a job market in companies open to diversity.



Czeslaw Walek

Czeslaw has graduated from the Law Faculties of Jagellonian University and Central European University. He worked in both the government sector and the non-government sector. As the Czech Deputy Minister for Human Rights, he was responsible for the creation, adoption, and implementation of domestic policies on human rights protection. Since 2011 Czeslaw chairs the Prague Pride which is the leading organization focusing on LGBT+ rights in the Czech Republic. Until 2015 Czeslaw was a managing director of the Prague Pride festival and made it the biggest Pride festival in the post-communist countries.

In 2016 as a part of the Fulbright Scholarship, Czeslaw was a Global Fellow of Out & Equal Workplace Advocates where he implemented a Global program of the organization. After coming back to Prague he started to manage Jsme fér, the marriage equality campaign, and Pride Business Forum, a platform focusing on LGBT+ equality at the workplace. In 2011 Czeslaw was awarded Alice G. Masaryk Human Rights Award for his dedication to promoting human rights.

Date: 12/05/2021

Start time: 17:00 CEST

End time: 18:00 CEST