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Mastering Inclusive Czech

16/04/2024 | 17:00

Economia, Pernerova 673/47, Karlín, Praha 8

How to deal with generic masculine in Czech and which word combinations regarding queer people and their lives to avoid? Why is it important to address this? Mgr. Karel Pavlica Ph.D (Faculty of Social Studies, Ostrava University, Prague Pride) and Aleš Rumpel (Pride Business Forum, Prague Pride) will introduce you to the principles of sensitive and inclusive Czech language. This workshop is intended for PBF members only. Become one of them and start enjoying the benefits that our membership brings.



During the workshop, we will first briefly focus on how language as a tool of everyday use can influence the quality of life of individuals and entire groups of people, and why it is important to think about its use and meanings. Then we will introduce the basic principles of inclusive and sensitive language with a focus on queer topics, including specific examples of both bad and good practices. The event will be in workshop format, including activities aimed at practicing the presented theoretical basis.



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Event Details

Mgr. Karel Pavlica, Ph.D.

Mgr. Karel Pavlica, Ph.D., is a graduate of Social Work at the Faculty of Arts, Ostrava University. Currently, he serves as a research assistant at the Department of Health and Social Studies, Faculty of Social Studies, Ostrava University, and also works in the field of education for the organization Prague Pride, z.s. His work includes social work in the context of gender, sexual, and relationship diversity, as well as respectful communication and approach to vulnerable groups, among other topics.

Aleš Rumpel
Aleš Rumpel is a training manager for Pride Business Forum and Prague Pride, as well as a prominent queer activist. With a background in cultural management and education, Aleš brings extensive experience to his role. He previously served as the long-time director of the Mezipatra queer film festival and co-founded the Platform for Equality, Recognition, and Diversity, z.s. (PROUD). Aleš has made a significant impact by engaging with thousands of teenagers across the Czech Republic through the Mezipatra program, discussing LGBT+ topics in schools. Currently, Aleš designs and facilitates workshops for major employers, focusing on promoting diversity and inclusion. Additionally, he mentors empowerment programs for LGBT+ champions and allies, supporting their personal and professional growth.

Date: 16/04/2024

Start time: 17:00

End time: 19:00

Venue: Economia, Pernerova 673/47, Karlín, Praha 8