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Taste of Equality | Pride Business Forum Annual Conference

22/06/2023 | 09:00

Marriott Prague

What does equality taste like? Discover it for yourself at the 13th annual Pride Business Forum conference on workplace equality. We will show you the ingredients necessary to create an inclusive workplace for all.



Equality is as rare as saffron in our country and the taste of it is still out of reach for many people. Yet the recipe for it consists of ingredients that everyone has at home. The outcome can be a workplace where everyone feels welcome, no matter their orientation or identity, and where the teams perform better. This year’s conference will be hosted by the renowned pastry chef and TV presenter Josef Maršálek.


A Taste of Equality | Pride Business Forum Annual Conference

Finding practical solutions for LGBT+ friendly workplaces


June 22, 2023


Marriott Prague


Ticket prices:

Early bird: 499 CZK (7.3. – 31.5.)

Later bird: 999 CZK (1.6. – 21.6.)

On the day of the conference: 1500 CZK


Join the 13th edition of the Pride Business Forum conference “Taste of Equality”. The Pride Business Forum annual conference is the only conference in the Czech Republic that deals with the issue of equality for LGBT+ people in the workplace. Come to Taste of Equality – from Josef Maršálek you will get the right ingredients that will help you create an open workplace for all employees.

The conference will include the presentation of the LGBT+ Friendly Employer awards, which recognize companies active in promoting equality for LGBT+ people in the workplace. Get more information and nominate active companies or individuals.

The proceeds from the conference will be redistributed to one activity for the emancipation of LGBT+ people in the Czech Republic. The Organizing Committee of PBF will decide on the specific allocation in the fall of 2023.



  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the issue. We will present new data on discrimination and victimization of LGBT+ people in the Czech Republic, including in the workplace.
  • Be inspired by the views of leading economists, business leaders, sociologists, commentators on the future of the Czech workplace/society vis-à-vis the presented data.
  • Learn how activities promoting equality for LGBT+ people in the workplace can help companies with ESG reporting.
  • Get specific tips for better working with transgender employees and clients.
  • Get specific information on how to work with LGBT+ internal employee groups.



The conference is for all of you! Especially for those of you who are working to improve and open up your workplace for your employees. You from top and middle management, HR managers, and LGBT+ employee group members. We would like to attract those of you who have not yet been to the Pride Business Forum conference. The conference is an opportunity to absorb new information and best practices so that your work is more effective and has the greatest positive impact.

Be inspired by previous annual conferences of the Pride Business Forum HERE.

Find more information about the 2023 LGBT+ Friendly Employer awards and the Pride Business Forum Hero 2023 and how to nominate companies and individuals active in promoting LGBT+ equality in the workplace.


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Event Details


Josef Maršálek

Josef is a Czech pastry Chef and TV presenter. The judge in the Czech version of the world-famous The Great British Bake-off. Author of most selling pastry cookbooks, tutor of pastry baking classes, and host of celebrated tv shows. Business owner, influencer, and consultant. Born in the northeast of the country in a small village, left Czechia at the age of 23 for a few weeks to the UK and came back twelve years later from India. He is living his dream, and his mission is to inspire people through his pastry art. He believes that there are memories in food and that it can bring people together.


Date: 22/06/2023

Start time: 09:00 CET

End time: 17:00 CET

Venue: Marriott Prague