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Informal meeting with Adéla Horáková and MP Klára Kocmanová on the current discussion of equal marriage in the Chamber of Deputies

23/11/2023 | 18:00

Campus WPP, Bubenská 1, 170 00 Praha 7-Holešovice

Our original intention was to hold a discussion with elected representatives about the economic benefits of equal marriage. Unfortunately, due to the refusal of a number of MPs to participate, particularly from those opposed to marriage equality, we had to cancel the discussion. Instead, we will welcome MP Klára Kocmanová and Adéla Horáková, lawyer of the Jsme fér initiative, who will evaluate the discussion of equal marriage in the Chamber of Deputies the day after the meeting of the Chamber’s Constitutional Law Committee, where the bill will be discussed. Due to full capacity, registration for this event is now closed.


Is marriage for all couples good for Czech society and Czech business? Why do LGBT+ people have to listen to comparisons to cattle and poultry during the parliamentary discussions? Why does it take so long to make a decision in Parliament and why can’t the elected representatives make up their minds? And at what stage is the discussion of the bill now? This and much more will be the subject of an informal discussion with MP Klára Kocmanová (Piráti) and Adéla Horáková, lawyer for the Jsme fér initiative. 

On June 6, 2022, a group of MPs from across the political spectrum (STAN, TOP 09, Pirates, ODS, ANO) submitted a proposal to amend the Civil Code to allow same-sex marriages. The debate in the Parliament opened on May 31, 2023, and continued on June 1, 2, and 29, 2023, when the Parliament referred the amendment for further consideration. During the debate, which lasted more than 7 hours, we witnessed many humiliating and offensive statements against LGBT+ people.

At the same time, the Parliament also discussed and gave the green light to a parliamentary proposal by KDU-ČSL, ODS, ANO and SPD MPs to define marriage in the Constitution as an exclusive union between a man and a woman, effectively preventing same-sex marriages for many years.

In addition, a group of 66 companies published an open letter to Prime Minister Petr Fiala urging the Parliament to speed up the recognition of equal marriage, as it is good for business, will bring economic benefits and increase the competitiveness of the Czech Republic. The letter is still open for signatures and currently has 98 signatories.


Dress Code: Casual

Language of the event: Czech

Event Details

Date: 23/11/2023

Start time: 18:00 CEST

End time: 19:30 CEST

Venue: Campus WPP, Bubenská 1, 170 00 Praha 7-Holešovice