Create a workplace where your employees can be themselves. This will allow them to focus more effectively on your business.

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We create a space for employers to discuss LGBT+ workplace equality

Whether you are an employee, HR manager or a company owner, we are here to help you. We ensure that the public and private sectors can work closely together on issues of LGBT+ workplace equality, and provide them with a unique opportunity to share direct experiences and best practice. Besides the annual Pride Business Forum conference, we organize smaller workshops or networking events.


Conferences and workshops

The annual Pride Business Forum conference is the biggest conference in the Czech Republic focusing on LGBT+ workplace equality. The conference has become the preferred place to network and share strategies and best practice that help to create inclusive workplaces for everyone. In addition, we also organize intensive workshops focusing on specific areas of LGBT+ workplace equality.



The LGBT+ Friendly Employer and Pride Business Forum Heroes Awards recognize individuals and organizations who lead the way in advancing equality for LGBT+ employees at their workplace.



We use effective training methods to help managers and teams to find ways in which the company can support LGBT+ employees to come out, create a better work climate, deal with stereotypes and ensure a better output for the whole team. Training can be both offline and online.



We connect companies with more advanced policies and practices in the area of LGBT+ workplace equality and those just starting on this journey. Through mentoring, they can exchange best practice and information on how to effectively advance LGBT+ workplace equality.


Events and Workshops

Interesting places, inspirational speakers, networking, exchange of information and best practice in inclusion, diversity and equality. We organize events and workshops for our member companies and the general public on a regular basis. Don’t miss out!


“He immediately became a role model”: Footballer Jankto comes out as gay

Czech footballer Jakub Jankto has made major international headlines by becoming the highest profile player currently in the men’s game to come out as homosexual. The 27-year-old’s move has won support from the soccer community around the world.

únor 2023, Radio Prague International

Diskusím o diverzitě se firmy nevyhnou. Jedině tak budou konkurenceschopné

Témata rovnosti na trhu práce a v samot­ném zaměstnání české firmy z velké části zatím míjí. Požadavky plynoucí z principů ESG však zaměstnavatele nutí věnovat jim zvýšenou pozornost. 

únor 2023, týdeník Ekonom

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Only an employee who is out can thrive at work.

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