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Diversity and inclusion may be the key to beating the next recession

A Fortune magazine article introduces arguments that diversity and inclusion in the workplace are key to preparing for and beating the next recession. Why? Diverse perspectives and experiences can help companies navigate uncertain economic times and make better decisions. Additionally, companies that prioritise diversity and inclusion tend to have better employee retention and stronger financial performance.

The article cites a report from management consulting firm McKinsey, which found that companies with more diverse workforces tend to have higher financial returns. McKinsey also found that diverse companies were more likely to innovate and make better decisions. The author argues that these findings are particularly relevant given the current economic climate, with many predicting an imminent recession.

The article concludes that companies that prioritise diversity and inclusion are better positioned to weather economic storms and emerge stronger on the other side. By valuing diverse perspectives and creating inclusive environments, companies can foster a culture of innovation and resilience that will serve them well in the years to come.

You can read the full article on Fortune magazine’s website.