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All Our Coming Outs | Workshop

11/10/2023 | 15:30

MAMA SHELTER, Veletržní 1502/20, 170 00 Praha 7

An interactive journey revealing that coming out is an ongoing process. Explore unique scenarios, from traditional to trans experiences, while sharing personal stories. Together, we’ll demystify misconceptions and create a safe space for open dialogue. Join us in shaping a workplace where authenticity thrives


The coming out workshop is an interactive experience in which participants learn that coming out is not a one-in-a-lifetime announcement but a never-ending process that takes various forms. The facilitators present a series of situations that may or may not be forms of coming out, and the participants discuss their own experiences.

Can one come out as heterosexual? How is coming out specific for trans and non-binary people? And what lies behind the popular statement, “I don’t care about your sexuality as long as you don’t shove it in my face”?

In the process, facilitators share their personal stories and create an atmosphere where everybody else does, regardless of their identity. Enough room will be provided to workshop ideas on how to create a working environment in which one can come out safely.


Duration: 90 – 120 min

Target group: employees in any position

The capacity for the workshop is 30 attendees. 



  • to understand the experiences of LGBT+ people
  • to become aware of the tools available for building a safe and inclusive work environment


WHEN: Wednesday, October 11, 15:30 – 17:00
WHERE: MAMA SHELTER, Veletržní 1502/20, 170 00 Praha 7
LANGUAGE: English only


Premium members – FREE
Members – 200 CZK
Non members – 800 CZK



Aleš Rumpel

Aleš designs and leads interactive workshops that help companies, organisations, and employees identify unconscious biases, strengthen their empathy for LGBT+ people, and make it easier for them to create inclusive work environments.


Tereza Kadlecová

Tereza facilitates workshops and webinars about LGBT+ people in the workplace and helps companies to build a respectful work environment. She also leads parental preparation courses for rainbow families, using her own experiences with raising two kids with her partner.

Date: 11/10/2023

Start time: 15:30 CEST

End time: 17:00 CEST

Venue: MAMA SHELTER, Veletržní 1502/20, 170 00 Praha 7